Oct. 9th, 2010

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So I just spent the better part of an hour changing my RSS feeds to FeedBurner. If you happen to read this through a reader occasionally, I changed the feed. If you normally read it through a reader, but noticed that I’m still posting stuff, but it isn’t showing up in you’re reader… that’s why. The new address is http://feeds.feedburner.com/AmericanWhitney

Let’s close out some of the tabs I have today. Miley Cyrus has a new music video for a track that is definitely meant for clubs. It’s a good song (it’d be better if it was done by someone else) and the video’s cute. It’d be better if she wasn’t trying so hard… but imagine it with someone else put in Miley’s spot. Not a bad video at all! Not surprisingly, the Parents Television Council is peeved. Someone wondered if Pepsi was racist. Why? Because in a fact sheet that they sent to grocers about their products, it mentions that their Crush line has appeal to African-Americans and Hispanics. Are they racist? No. That’s called knowing your demographic. Now, if they came out with an ad saying that it was great with fried chicken or refreshing after a day in the fields… then yes, that’d be racist. There’s a point where people start looking for racism where they can, ignoring context- and this is a prime example of that. The whole point of a company’s fact sheet is to give their consumer (in this case, those who place their products) a better idea of what might be a good fit for their neighborhood. I’m also in the market for a bed rail for my youngest- but really, those links are of no use to you!

I haven’t made much traction on my art project. It was awfully wet early on in the week, which doesn’t exactly make for a great time to stain wood. Then we all started to get sick. Not very good either. I’m going to draw out the designs on the board and start cutting paper so that I can start assembling as soon as it’s dry.

One week ago, TheBoy and I went out to dinner and visited a little Italian place nearby. The food was great, the restaurant a little empty. I’d review it, but they have a new chef, and I’d like to try out the new menu before I plug them. But that’s not why I’m bringing it up. One of the things that TheBoy and I began to consciously do this year was dine locally. I’m sure that you’ve heard of local food movements, where people urge that you buy produce that was grown locally and in-season. Well, we’re applying it to restaurants. Instead of visiting chain restaurants, we’re trying to visit more places that are locally owned and run. So far, we haven’t really been disappointed. There was a chinese restaurant I wasn’t too thrilled with- but I was still happy that we were contributing to our local economy in a more direct way.

So give it a shot! See what Mom & Pop diners are near you, or local chains… and see what’s out there!

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