Jul. 10th, 2010

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This is a short one. More of a wondering why than trying to look into it.

Today, I’ve seen no less than 4 tweets about how Jessica Simpson is wrong for dating a married man. Nice way to spin the story, people. This week’s US Weekly tried the same thing. The fact is, Eric Johnson and his wife legally separated and waiting for the divorce to be finalized. While it’s possible for them to try to work it out, it’s unlikely.

The tweets have all ranged from “she’s a minister’s daughter and should know better” to “what a man-stealing whore.”

One, we applaud women who have filed for divorce from their husbands when it isn’t working. As a society, we encourage them to move on and start dating while they’re separated- if they’re ready for it. Yet, time and time again, when there’s a celebrity woman who’s dating a man who’s almost legally divorced… it’s a big deal. Either it’s wrong or it isn’t.

Was it tacky that she went to a family reunion with him? Absolutely. But let’s tone down the outrage people. One, you can’t pull the minister card with Jessica. Her father the minister is the same guy who’s talked about how beautiful his daughter’s breasts are and probably micromanaged her life to the point where it ruined her marriage to Nick Lachey. (No, I didn’t pick a side in their divorce. There rarely is one party who was right when a marriage ends) So, no. I wouldn’t say that she should know better- because her dad’s pretty crazy and a horrible influence on she and her sister.

She’s just dating the guy. She wasn’t the reason the marriage ended. I mean, if we want to express some digust, let’s just point all that towards LeAnn Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian- two of the classiest people out there. Who carried on an affair, even while he was supposedly reconciling with his wife. Then no sooner did his wife move out and divorces were filed (as she was married too), then they were everywhere making out and groping each other in public. Now that is disgusting.

But really, can we just save our breath and gripe about something truly disgusting? Why don’t we turn our attention to the shameful way that BP is handling the Gulf Coast cleanup- in having the Coast Guard keep the press from filming clean-up efforts. And having the press ushered out of animal rescue areas, so that they can’t photograph oil covered animals and remind us how serious of a crisis it is. See? That’s shameful. (Sorry, I just read an article on that- I don’t want to seem like we should only get upset about serious matters… but I’m honestly angered by how the press are being treated, when all they’re trying to do is show the world how bad it is)

ETA: Just to clarify, I get the tabloid angle. They’re just trying to sell magazines. What bothered me was that women, normal women, were being so hateful about something when they’d probably be encouraging their separated friend to get out and date. That’s all. -W

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