Apr. 29th, 2010

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I have a much longer subject I’d like to share my thoughts about, but I’d like to address this first. I’ve lost all respect for Dr. Drew.

In his latest bizarre interview, Dr. Drew Pinsky (host of radio show Loveline, and television programs Celebrity Rehab and it’s various spin-offs) decided to discuss Sandra Bullock. Specifically, that he believes she suffers from a “love addiction” where the individual is so obsessed with love that they idealize their partner and don’t see their faults. He does say that she’s coping with the aftermath of her relationship falling apart well.

Love addiction? His definition pretty much encompasses most people in relationships. We’ve all had someone that we’ve been involved with where we saw the good aspects and our friends realized they weren’t any good for us. Not only that, he’s implying that there are always signs. How many times have there been news stories about a man who had multiple wives who had no idea? Plenty. There are guys who are great at compartmentalizing their lives to the point where nobody would know. Plus, she had her own life. Work to worry about, and apparently an adoption to be invested in. It’s easy to not notice the signs- you don’t need an addiction.

Besides, one would assume that a love addiction would be a life-long thing. By my count, Sandra Bullock’s been in enough relationships that didn’t last long- where admittedly, she didn’t want to commit, that it would seem that this was unique to her marriage. That she was vested in her marriage and being happy and making it work. How is that an addiction? It’s being human.

While I’ve long admired Pinsky’s ability to dispense advice, he seems to be appearing on whatever show will take him these days, talking about any celebrity. The problem I see is that he’s never met Sandra Bullock, so how would he know if she’s an addict or just a woman who trusted her spouse? Also, in that interview, he was deliberately cagey when discussing whether or not he thought Jesse James was a sex addict. Which seems odd. He has no problem discussing something that’s something he’s worked with on television, no less, but will diagnose Sandra Bullock without having met her.

Sorry Dr. Drew- I won’t be paying any more attention to you.

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Okay, people. I’m a geek. I’ve been using computers since I was a kid and still remember DOS. I studied computer science in college. I’ve been designing web pages since 1997, though I still have a lot to learn about some of the newer changes (forgive me, two kids’ll knock you out of the loop).

So I’ve been very interested in this ongoing tech kerfluffle between Apple and Adobe over the iPhone/iPad and Flash. Steve Jobs posted this on apple.com today, explaining his stance on Flash.

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