Apr. 22nd, 2010

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I admit it. I am an Earth nut. Have been since the 90’s when Earth Day made it’s big comeback. Ventura used to hold annual Earth Day fair’s at the beach where you could learn about Ventura County’s new recycling program, water treatment programs and all sorts of neat new techologies. Vendors sold reusable bags, and you could get free reusable water bottles!

You want to know how serious my family was? We went to an Eco Expo in LA and somewhere at home, I have a reusable tote signed by the voice cast of Captain Planet. (Yes, people told me I was lame for it, especially back then- but I knew I was cool)

When my parents bought our house (we’d rented prior to that), a portion of the backyard was set aside for a vegetable garden, complete with a compost pile. And our recycling bin was always larger than our trash bin.

I admit, that from college onward, I fell into a bit of a disposable lifestyle. But, I’m making a change. Most people set their resolutions at New Years, I set environmental resolutions every Earth Day. This year, I plan on starting my own organic container garden here at my in-laws, as well as making a shift away from using disposable containers. Especially when dining out.

Here are some easy ways to make your life a little greener (and no, I’m not sponsored by Delight.com at all, but they have a lot of eco-friendly products):

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