Jan. 29th, 2010

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Yesterday, I turned 30. For some people, this is a big deal. Not for me. When I turned 26, I had some strange meltdown where I didn't feel like I'd accomplished much. Despite being married and having a child, I was at a fairly dead end job and wasn't anything like I'd imagined I'd be.

In high school, I assumed I'd be acting, and taking the world by storm. Why 26? I was obsessed with Evita (the musical) and Eva Person was first lady of Argentina by the time she was 26.

So you see, I already had my meltdown. Besides, I'm much happier with who I am at 30 than who I was at 26. While happily married with a fantastic child, I didn't quite know what I was doing with my life and desperately wanted out of my job.

At 30, I'm happy staying at home with my kids. While yes, I could be happy working, too, I know that I would miss the boys too much. I'm going to write more, but I've accepted that it's virtually impossible to raise two young boys mostly by myself (I do get TONS of help from my husband and my in-laws, but at 2 am, it's all me!) and have the energy required to write.

I've found my "food philosophy" and have decided to embrace it even more. When I moved in with my in-laws, I had this fantasy of cooking for them. But I believe that you can eat well simply by eliminating foods with preservatives and incorporating more fresh ingredients. I also believe that some fat is important to your diet- after all, many vitamins and proteins we need are fat soluble. No fat, you don't absorb them.

My in-laws? They're like most families I knew growing up. Both parents worked, the boys all were busy, and so dinner wasn't so much cooked as prepared. Hamburger Helper, Kraft Mac & Cheese, boxed rice w/ seasonings... and they use margarine (which I avoid). And here I am, the girl who uses butter! Not as much as Julia Child or Paula Deen... but certainly more than they're used to.

While I've set aside my fantasy of cooking for them nightly, I've decided to focus on making fabulous lunches and breakfasts for me. I should get to enjoy myself, too.

So here was my simple and fabulous breakfast.

Whitney's Pan Fried Potatoes for one, behind the cut )


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