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Psst! Let’s pretend that posted this yesterday. Truthfully, the three day weekend threw me off and I thought today was Wednesday. Yikes.

So far I’ve mentioned Johnny Wander and Girls with Slingshots. Just in case the last one was a bit too adult, I thought I’d mention one that’s great for parents and kids- The Dreamland Chronicles. By Scott Christian Sava, Dreamland Chronicles follows the adventures of Alexander, a college student with no real goals in life who discovers so much more when he finds himself back in Dreamland- a place that children visit nightly until they grow up. He’s reunited with his childhood friends- Nastajia (an elven princess), Paddington (a rock giant), and Kiki (a fairy).

The art is 3D rendered (something very uncommon), and it’s put up page by page 5 days a week. He does sell it in volumes, though right now I can’t find the store on his site (I know he’s been working on it).

It’s a wonderful read, that again, is all ages. He writes with his sons in mind, so the raciest thing they’ve had are a couple kisses. The story is unique, there’s so much to the story itself that I don’t want to even discuss it for fear of spoiling it.

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I admit it, I meant to post this on Wednesday. I had this post in mind… and then I forgot. So, sorry.

Today’s in Girls with Slingshots, a webcomic that’s definitely for adults (language & frankness about sex & sex toys). By Danielle Corsetto, it follows the life of Hazel and Jamie, two best friends that seem to be polar opposites by compliment each other beautifully. Hazel’s stubborn and cynical, while Jamie’s the cuddliest, sweetest girl you’ve ever met.

She’ll be nearing 1000 strips this July, and the archives are definitely worth reading. She’s also done some cross-overs with Randy K. Millholland’s Something*Positive. The artwork has become less realistic and more stylized over the years, but not one bit of expression has been lost.

Danielle has collections of the strip available for sale in the store on her site, as well as an etsy store where she sells prints of various strips, and also occasionally figure drawings she’s done. But for those with tight purse-strings, she also has a monthly wallpaper that is available to anyone who donates to her site. As she’s a working graphic artist, she does count on the donations to make sure that she can put up 5 strips a week and pay the bills. You can also find her on Twitter @dcorsetto.

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I read a lot of webcomics. My RSS reader just gets filled with more and more and more as time goes on. While there are a lot of great ones out there, I thought I’d put the spotlight on a few webcomics that I really adore, and whose creators are equally fabulous people.

First up is Johnny Wander, by Yuko Ota (art) and Ananth Panagariya (story).

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