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I’m quite familiar with erosion. It all starts gradually, things falling bit by bit… and then eventually after stress, the whole hillside caves way. It’s the same with writing.

Whenever I start things like Script Frenzy, I start strong. I keep to my quota for a few days. Then, I fall a page behind. I try to make it up, but the next day, I’m still a page short… until I find I’m 10 pages behind and feel like quitting.

I’m behind, but this time, I’m not giving up. Somehow, someway, I’ll make it up. Not because I want to “win” and be thrilled about that- but because I’m tired of being the person who lives on a hillside and keeps being surprised when they evacuate due to threat of mudslide or landslide. 2010 is about changing old habits for me, and this is certainly a problem.

Day Two

Apr. 2nd, 2010 09:26 pm
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I spent today in Script Frenzy inserting the first scene of the story. I realized at 2 am that there was a key event that I’d originally thought we shouldn’t see, since it’s a death that occurred earlier. But since it’s a driving point of the story- it makes sense to show it.

Also, scripting a murder mystery is awesome, since I don’t want to give anything away when I let people read this before I actually illustrate it. Ha!

Daily Goal:

3 / 3 pages

Overall Goal:

7 / 100 pages

The plan for tomorrow, work on an outline for a bit and maybe see if I can’t introduce the male lead.

Day one

Apr. 2nd, 2010 09:10 am
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Day One of Script Frenzy is done! I easily wrote 4 pages (my daily goal is 3 pages). Before I congratulate myself too much, this is a project that’s been in my mind for awhile, so I’ve known the exact layout and opening for awhile. The fun thing about finally tackling this is that I’ve grown a bit as a storyteller since I started working on it some 5 years ago. So I was starting to think about where I was going with this today (note: while I know the overall story, I haven’t tackled the tiny bits yet), I realized that I actually needed to insert a scene first.

I’m going to share this eventually- if people like it, I’ll definitely try to illustrate it myself.

Daily Goal:

4 / 3 pages

Overall Goal:

4 / 100 pages

April 1st.

Mar. 31st, 2010 09:17 pm
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April 1st, starts in a little under two hours here. And tomorrow, I start on something exciting. Something big. Something called Script Frenzy. The little brother of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Script Frenzy has writers churn out 100 pages of script in just 30 days. While November’s always been a daunting month for me to attempt NaNo (Attempts: 4, Completions: 0), April is a much kinder month to me. No birthdays and only one holiday this year. That is workable.

You can write anything that requires a script- movie, play, graphic novel. I’ll be working on a project that I’d only done research for and never attempted to complete. I’ll be doing the first 100 pages of Inevitable Destiny. Which, I won’t get into the details of, but it’s a love story (of sorts) that spans many lifetimes. Somehow, somewhere I”ll be posting this somewhere that it’s fairly secure- so if you’re interested in following my progress, just comment here and I’ll let you know where I post it.

And something to amuse. Starbucks has announced their latest drink sizes: The Plenta (128 fl oz) and Micra (2 fl oz). (Psst – look at the press release date!)


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