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I just saw The Time Traveler’s Wife on HBO. TheBoy and I had both read it, and were eager to see it- but the reviews were so middling that we decided not to see it in theaters.

One thing we were agreed on was that it was a really difficult book to adapt. The pacing of the book relied on being able to switch between Claire and Henry’s lives, jumping through his life and hers to weave the story. The movie itself chose to follow Henry’s life from start to finish- when the book mostly followed Claire’s chronologically. (If you click to read more, I’m assuming you saw the movie)

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Typewriter photo taken from Flickr user Emdot. Source.

This is the difficult part of blogging. I know that there are those who read my blog posts, but there aren’t any comments. At least not from humans. I get plenty of spam comments, those that are clearly written by foreigners. As I blog, I know that at least the bots are interested.

The comments from the bots are so obviously written in one language and translated into English- I only wish I knew what their original message was.

Today I recieved:

I admire what you maintain done here. I like the factor where you say you are doing this to around without hope but I would assume through all the comments that this is working for you as well.

Congrats, Russian comment bot. You made me smile. I also appreciate when one tries to link back to an autism blog as their site, but posts on the blog posts I made that weren’t about autism.

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Welcome to something new here, reviews of children's TV and movies. Because honestly, if there's one thing I'm acutely aware of- it's that any tv show or movie my kids see and like will be viewed ad nauseum. So if there's something that I can enjoy along with my kids, it's something that should be shared.

My kids love Alvin & The Chipmunks. While they didn't see it in movie theaters, they loved it from the moment the watched it on DVD. Music, physical comedy and Christmas? A win in their eyes. In mine? I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie. It was sweet and the two classic Chipmunks songs ("Christmas Don't Be Late" and "Witch Doctor") were updated in a way that didn't anger me.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2When The Chipmunks 2 came out in theaters this Christmas, we debated whether or not we should take our oldest to see it. If anything could get him to sit still for a couple hours, it would be singing Chipmunks. But, he still has some issues with loud noises, so we decided to wait for it to come out on DVD. Admittedly, I wasn't excited by what I saw in commercials. I knew that Jason Lee wouldn't be in much of the movie, and knew that they were throwing in high school to the picture.

So, last night we finally got to watch The Squeakual. Sadly, this is not a movie I'm looking forward to watching again and again, though I know I will.

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