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It can’t be Saturday already. It seems like it was just Monday, even though that was one of the longest weeks I’ve had in ages.

The rundown- my oldest started the week with a cough, after a total of 7 days at preschool. It seems like it should be a record. He never spiked a fever, he’s just been coughing. Of course, it didn’t help that on Tuesday night he started clearing his throat. It was almost like a nervous tick- he wasn’t really aware that he was doing it. Of course, that did more damage to his throat than the coughing. So from Wednesday on, he basically had no voice. I didn’t pull him out of school- other than having a tiny squeaky voice, he was completely fine. His teacher agreed with me (especially since he was only there for a few hours).

I also didn’t get much sleep. The coughing would wake me up (though it didn’t wake my sons up). And if the coughing didn’t wake me up, then the nightly 3 am meowfest from Zorro would. It was worse than usual, and last night it dawned on me that Zorro was concerned about my son, so he was trying to wake me up so I’d check on him. I’m serious! When I got up to get my son something to drink, the cat would follow me downstairs to get the drink, then up to my son’s room then back into my room. All while doing an odd meow. I swear, he’s more dog than cat.

Just so this isn’t a bunch of whining, here are the things that made me laugh/smile this week:

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As I blogged last week, I obsess over boots. I have way too many pairs of boots (someday I will take pictures to share).

I am also obsessed with Scott Pilgrim vs The World (the movie- I haven’t finished the graphic novel series to become obsessed with that). More specifically:

Envy Adam’s high heeled gladiator boots. After seeing the movie, I began Googling “red strappy gladiator heels” and kept looking and looking.

Armed with only the above screencap from the music video of The Clash at Demonhead’s “Black Sheep” – I just kept searching.

This morning, I started my Google searches, egged on by TheBoy (one would think he’d tell me to stop buying boots, but no, he merely asks that I find sensibly priced boots). And I found them.

As suddenly as my obsession began, it was gone. With two little words and a price tag. “Givenchy style” at $250. The boots were knock offs of Givenchy boots from 2008, which is an eternity in the fashion world. The originals were $1800, and the knock-offs were still out of my price range. Even if I’d really really wanted them, I’m not sure that I’d be able to find them anywhere.

So there you have it- if you’re obsessed with a fashion item, keep Googling until you discover you couldn’t possibly afford it. And then find something else to obsess over.

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If there is one fashion item I’m legitimately obsessed with- it’s boots. I bought my first pair of knee high boots in high school- they were PVC go-go boots from Payless with a hollow heel that clicked when I walked.

I bought two pairs of Italian leather knee high boots that were originally $300 dollars a pair for $20 at an outlet mall. I wore one pair (the dark brown) almost an entire summer at the Jungle Cruise and still own both pairs – though they need to be resoled. When management was concerned that the heels wouldn’t be safe, I was allowed to get a new pair of boots (also knee high), so long as the soles and heel had some grip. (Though, if you ask any of the guys I worked with, they’ll swear that I wore stiletto boots)

Those boots? I wore until the zipper gave out years later, shortly after my oldest was born. We were at Target, and I was climbing out of the backseat of the car when suddenly one of the boots was undone and the leather essentially unpeeled around me leg. I sat there, with a sleeping baby in the back of the car, and cried.

I’ve made some questionable choices. I have a suede pair with furry tops that have a weird wedge heel- I think I’ll have those reheeled with something a bit more traditional. They were great winter boots for SoCal.

I even have an amazing pair of pirate boots from CABoots- the people who made the boots for the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I got a custom pair for half the normal cost, simply because someone had ordered them and didn’t pay up. Their loss was certainly my gain.

I have two recent acquisitions that I haven’t worn much- mostly because I’m not used to wearing heels that are higher than an inch and a half these days. So when I thought about buying boots for fall, my one desire was to find some fun knee high boots with a flat sole that had a lot of personality.

Enter the boots at the top of this page. Leather free (for you, Mom) and fun! Buckles, straps, knee-high and a chunky low heel? I could easily see wearing these until they fall apart.

So, dear readers/lurkers – what are you obsessing over for fall? Is there a particular pair of jeans, a purse, or a top that you covet? Let’s talk fashion!

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