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Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:United States of America
Pirates of the Caribbean mood theme by mell_o_drama. My layout is by me.

My name is Whitney. I'm 28 years old, and I live in Southern California. As with most people, I'm many things. I'm a writer, an artist, a mother and a wife. (And in World of Warcraft, I'm a hunter, a priest, a paladin, a rogue and a warlock. Also, an altoholic)

What happened to everything in your journal?

In order to save some energy on my part, I am using this LJ to serve as a site update system for my website. Because it will make it possible for people to find this journal, I've changed the security on all my posts prior to July 1st. They're all friends-locked. So if you were looking for something and can't figure out where it went, all you have to do is friend my journal, I'll friend you back, and you'll be able to see the posts. If you don't have an LJ, you can create an account easily and have access.


Once upon a time, I wrote fanfiction. I even posted a little bit of it here. Anything that was worth saving has been moved to thedevilinlove, with the exception of my Pirates of the Caribbean story, "What the Morning Brings." I have removed that from the internet entirely, as I am trying to develop a novel around one of the characters.


Any new artwork will be posted on WhitneyDrake.Com, and as for the old stuff, it is still in the backlog of this journal (at least it should be - I'll be going back through this and trying to fix deal links). If you friend me, I'll friend you back and you'll be able to access it.

My personal life

I'm trying to make a deliniation between what I put out there on LJ and my actual life. While I'll talk about kids, I'm only going to use the first letter of their first names.

Sharing Things I Post

Feel free to link back to my LJ if there's something you wanted to share. If it's under a friendslock, obviously you can't link back directly. If you wanted to post an excerpt or image from a friendslocked post, please ask first. Thanks!

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